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Jul. 30th, 2006 @ 04:46 pm (no subject)
Current Location: desert
Current Mood: giddyhehe
Current Music: Halo 2
hey its me again,

Looks like Im on my way home here in 3 days!! wohoo!! and I will be spending however many days Im home hunting my friends down! So expect me to call, aim, or knock on oyur door at any moment of the day!


9:30 AM-ish Thursday! home!
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Jul. 15th, 2006 @ 11:31 am OOh Pictures!!
Current Location: purgatory
Current Mood: creativecreative
Current Music: Dave Matthews band (dont think the place&music r related)
SO if ya guys havent heard theres a big Wildfire over here in Cali and I mean huge (108 sq. Miles last timeI checked) which means big smoke, and since its only about an hour away from the base and I am in the desert I got some pics with my handy dandy camera. I posted em on myspace at http://www.myspace.com/dragonmauler check em out there pretty cool!

19 days til Im home woohoo!!
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Jul. 9th, 2006 @ 11:01 am Ozz Fest 2006
Current Location: 29 palms
Current Mood: crazyI had fucked up dreams.
So yeah yesterday I helped run Security for Ozz Fest and Let me tell you that shit was fucked up!! I was put on a roaming security detail on the upper lawn and basically we broke up fights and put out fires...for the first 4 or 5 hours. after that things got so crazy that if we went anywhere near the fires or mosh pits we were pelted with anything and everything. from Lemons to beer bottles, it was insane. I arrested two guys and had to help this one guy to the first aid tent because he was literally covered in blood dribbling from his face. I got hit in the back with a spray-paint can, but for the most part remain unscathed. Some other guys got hit in the head, and face. It was extreme.
On the lighter side I caught two people having sex behind the port-a-pottys. It was rather humorous, we radioed to our supervisor were like "What do we do with people having sex behind the port-a-johns?" and he was like "uhhhh shine the light on them i guess, see if they'll go away" lol.

well 2 weeks to Comic-Con I cant wait and 3 and 1/2
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Jul. 7th, 2006 @ 09:30 pm "You're not helping any!"
Current Location: 29 stumps
Current Mood: indescribableindescribable
Current Music: SW JK:JA
Well its been kinda odd this week. It was a hlf week cause of the 4th, and all in all its been wierd. Ive come to the conclusions that my entire class is fucked up in the head.
Well 3 more weeks and I get to go home, which will be nice! I cant wait to go home, Ive been thinking about who Im gunna hang out with (Mainly everyone I know!!) Really I miss everyone, and when I get home Im going to bug everyone like crazy to hang out!

Side Note: KIRA!!! the phone# you called me on doesnt work, Ive been trying to call you but its saying something like its a system routed thruogh Colorado, IDK so DOnt think Im just ignoring u.

so yeah Im going to comic con in 2 weeks fun fun! and tomorrow im going to Ozz-Fest, fun fun. Yeah the City of Heroes UD connected gunna go play now, t2ul. Call me!
-Caleb Lacy
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Jul. 4th, 2006 @ 12:14 pm Happy Independence Day America!!!
Current Location: 29 Palms
Current Mood: cheerfulHappy 4th
Current Music: Earthern Vessels- Let Me Stand
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So Yeah for those of you who have been hiding under a rock for your entire life, Today is the 4th of July! SO congrats everybody, on this day in 1776 a bunch of guys in America signed that piece of paper that basically said "FUCK YOU, BRITAIN" lol and a side note, the country was formed almost a full year after the United States Marine Corps. of course they werent called that. I hope you all enoy your Freedoms! go streaking or something. Ahh your all liberals (cept twan and Kira) anyway so you pretty much take advantage of them anyway. Well best wishes too all and hope too hear from yall.

PS Im gunna be home on the 3rd of August!
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Jun. 23rd, 2006 @ 05:50 pm Bad days all round!
Current Location: Moping on my rack
Current Mood: gloomyI miss home
Current Music: My friends racing game car sounds
Usually Fridy is a medium day, on the one hand its a PT day which mens wake up and swaet my ass off, feeling like Im gunna day for an hour or so, nd on the other hand its the last day before the weekend. However I hdnt realized the giant mallet of doom was about to strike down on my head. I'mnot even gunna explin the story the short and the long is I was accused of clling someone the 'N' word, which, besides being entirely untrue, and out of character, has ruined my weekend because now I feel like shit at just the thought of that. Thankfully I had a witness who knew I didnt say that, but also a majority of people who knew I wouldnt say that and more than likely couldnt say that.

*heavy tired sigh*

well in some lighter news it looks like Im going to Comic-Con in San Diego, with like 11 other guys. Its gunna be nice, were going to get a hotel and rent a car or 2. Its the biggest convention in America of its kind. My triumphant weekend of Nerd-dom! well hope everyone is well back home. 5 more weeks til Im home.
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May. 29th, 2006 @ 10:32 pm RIP LiveJournal
Current Location: Duh
Current Mood: annoyedGrrr
Current Music: none
SO I came to the conclusion that LIvejournal must be dead. Either that or everyone is enjoying their weekend without psting anything about it. In Either case Im stuck here bored out of my mind. *WARNING* Im in a crappy mood so the following post may arouse anger or sympathy in you, in either case SITFU!

Fact 1: I am currently out here in the MOjave Desert of California, stuck on a base in the middle of nowhere, and all I have is the internet and my Cell Phone.
Fact 2: I Call my friends back home as often as I can, bearing in mind there is a 3 hour time difference between me and them where I have the disadvantage. (ie They may be asleep by the time I call them, whereas if they call me unless they are up at an ungodly hour, I am most likely awake)
Fact 3: It is MEMORIAL DAY, and I am currently a member of the armed Services.
Fact 4:On this day to remember our men and women of the armed services I did not get a single call/e-mail/AIM/letter from anyone. oh wait excuse me I got a e-mail from my video game company confirming I paid my subscription, nice to know they care!
Look okay Its not the holiday either, I dont care if you contact me on a holiday, I just want someone from home to talk to. You guys dont get how much home means to you and how much your old friends mean to you until you dont have them. I am Legally not allowed to go home until august! I care about everyone at home, but wtf? Out of Sight, Out of Mind apparently!? Calebs gone fuck him! I have gotten one letter while Ive been out here, and maybe recieved 2 phone calls. Any other calls or e-mails Ive had to initiate. And its not like You guys dont know how to contact me, Ive been broadcasting it loud and clear! My e-mail hasnt changed in over a year! Ive posted my Address, Ive posted my Phone # at least 2x! And if you somehow managed to miss that you Could always e-mail me and Id gladly tell you! You guys are my friends I miss you all!

Hell I spent over a thousand dollars on Plane tickets to come home and Catch 'Bye Bye Birdie'!!! NOt just for the show but to see you guys! FOr me thats a months salary!!

Look, am I angry? Yes! Im in the middle of the fucking desert w/o a car and no where to go! DO I hate you GUys? No! I just want you guys to consider keeping in touch. Ya know Calling on the weekends or holidays! E-mailing once in a while, post on Myspace, surprise me witha letter! FUck I dont care if send a fucking singing telgram, or if you just post a one word comment on my Myspace pics, just dont alienate me! Let me know whats going on in Maine!

TO conclude.....I warned you I was in a bad mood. It may have had something to do with just being disappointed at X-men 3 (probably because they got rid of Brian Singer) or maybe Im just tired. Either way Im lonely and I technically havent seen a real woman since the last time I visited home. Female Marines are nasty! so I hope you took something away from this rant.

PS Kira I cant find your home Phone #'s so you'll have to e-mail or call me so I can get those again.
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White Elite
May. 23rd, 2006 @ 04:41 pm Somebody Save me!!
Current Location: 29 Stumps
Current Mood: depressedMissin home
Current Music: Stairway to Heaven
So the fact that Im still in the desert would be to obvious to post, so I wont. But not much going on out here. I bought the first 4 seasons of Smallville on DVD and watched them, Ad its kinda caught on, the majority of my class is waiting eagerly for the 5th season to come out on DVD.Its a great show!

Im actually quite bored out here, so IF anyone wants to call or AIM me I would love it, because ya'll get the summer off.....I dont....:-( So Phone Me, Write Me, and if your rich visit me!!

I miss you ALL! (Yes even you Mikey) and cant wait to come home, which wont be for another 3 months

COngrats to all my Graduating Buddies, you finally made, now prepare to jump into the giant boiling pot of shiite known as the world after HS.

Man HS was easy and FUn! Those who arent graduating ENJOY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most oof you wont have it as bad as some of us, but all the same enjoy HS while your in it!

Ok enough from before I become Nostalgic CALL ME!!!! 760-819-3076

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Blue Elite
Apr. 30th, 2006 @ 08:01 pm What does it all mean?
Current Location: Still in the Desert
Current Mood: contemplative"Think, Think, Think....."
Current Music: We Dont Need No Education
So I spent the past few weekends in My classmates room watching movies and playing Vid Games, and my favorite line Ive heard over these past 2 weeks is
Laff:"Is he the Devil?"
Me:"NO, Does he LOOK like Viggo Mortenson?!"

Literally I sat There for 10 min after laughing. (For an explanation go atch the movie "The Prophecy" its awesome!

So I bought some more movies and video games, and CDs. Man I buy way too much!

So Ive been watching a bunch of movies that are supposed to have "deep" meanings and I think its just confusing me way too much. Right now my biggest debacle is whether or not there is (a) fate(s). If There is then it doesnt matter what I do because what will happen, will happen, and if there isnt then it doesnt matter what I do because everythings a bunch of accidents (Which is very hard for me to believe). SO Im very much confused, if anyone wants to chime in Im open to any theories, ideas, anecdotes, etc.

Take care
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White Elite
Apr. 9th, 2006 @ 04:30 pm I'll be the chocolate sauce, you be the whipped cream.....
Current Location: 29 Palms
Current Mood: amusedTFV is awesome
Current Music: Third Floor View-The Talking Game
So because Im still a nerd, i have a MYSpace now. it is http://www.myspace.com/dragonmauler you can see pics of me here at 29 palms, CA and all that jazz. Hey if you have my cell # call me and if you dont e-mail me. cause Im boredish. I have classes now and they are so much fun... especially the inhaling of lead gases woohoo soldering!! Well I hope you guys do a Whose Line Show, so I can hear how good and amazing it is!
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